Dassault Falcon 2000 is intended for the individual seeking his or her own private aircraft without forfeiting luxury at an economical price tag. Without sacrificing any of the luxury they are known for, Dassault has released to the public an aircraft equipped with considerable cabin space, transcontinental range ability and which can cruise at a fast yet comfortable speed.

The Falcon 2000 can travel a distance of up to 3,450 miles at .80 mach speed when carrying no more than eight passengers. The design is excellent for small private affairs.


The cabin, which has a span of 1000 cubic feet. This room can comfortably seat up to 15 passengers. The seats are made allowing passengers the option of sitting upright, lounging or resting in comfort.

The falcon 2000 has not been condensed when it comes to their unique decorating appeal. Passengers have the extravagance of restrooms illustrating the appeal of eighteen distinctive, metallic finishes on the sinks alone. Not shortchanging when it comes to luggage capability. The Falcon 2000 offers 141 cubic feet of baggage space, which will hold up to 1600 pounds.


Two engines equipped with CFE73 axial-centrifugal engines garner enough power to fly the Falcon 2000. Providing 5,918 pounds of individual thrust power, these engines are designed to furnish impressive runway power and performance at high altitudes. This jet can reach 37,000 feet in a little less than nineteen minutes.

15 Passengers
141 cu Ft.
4,500 SM
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